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I trained with Stacey for the 2 years In lived in Paris. Stacey helped transform my mind and body to new levels of emotion and physical fitness.

Unlike a lot of personal trainers, Stacey actually has the ability to listen and interpret your individual needs, into a programme specifically designed for you. My particular challenge was to lose weight and stay fit with the burden of problematic knees; Stacey found creative, fun and effective ways to acheive my goals without adding any stress or strains to tender joints. WARNING - training with Stacey is not just hard work, its fun! My stomach muscles frequently ached through precision abdominal workouts and episodes of laughter! My sessions with Stacey were always a rewarding, energising experience - the right mix of pain and pleasure - to produce great results. 

My only regret is that I couldn't take Stacey with me when I left Paris!

Christine Beattie

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Stacey is one of the most inspirational trainers I have come across. Positive from the onset, she makes even the hardest workout seem fun. Time passes quicker than you could imagine while working out harder than you ever have before.

Ceri Tinley




Stacey has been my Personal Trainer for over 3 years. Working out with Stacey is dynamic and fun. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude helped me get the results I wanted: higher energy levels and improved muscle tone. I stay training with Stacey on a regular basis because she keeps innovating her workouts and incorporating new music. 

There's never a dull moment, even for someone like me, who is essentially lazy and hates exercise!

Victoria Robertson, 


I have known Stacey for years and have always enjoyed her Aerobics, Boot Camp and Zumba classes. Her classes are always fun, but at the same time provide a good workout, balancing cardio and deep muscle work. Her music is well chosen and the routines simple but challenging enough to keep you interested.  Stacey is constantly cheerful and enthusiastic and encourages you to enjoy keeping fit!

Sally Parry

Le Vesinet


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